Our Story

Sentiero was founded by a group of trusted colleagues who met in graduate school and found themselves passionately motivated to bring a human element to psychological health and the community. We were tired of judgmental societal standards of psychotherapy and distressed by the lack of accessibility. Many of us are first generation college graduates and second generation immigrants to the United States. We lived below the poverty line for years while in school and struggled to find creative ways to access our own healthcare. We were children in families who needed good psychologists. We pride ourselves in being patients in our own psychotherapy because we strongly believe in the process. We made our own path. And now, we have made it our mission to help others find theirs.

Sentiero means “path” in Italian. We wanted a name that had meaning to us and encompassed what we are about: our love for and appreciation of cultural diversity, our awareness of the infinite nature of psychological evolution, and the wisdom associated with knowing that healing takes a village of support. Our logo is a vertical infinity sign with a small opening embraced by a circle, which is symbolic for an openness to infinite growth surrounded by support.

We believe in the importance of education and training, diverse thoughts and people, healing from the deepest part of ourselves, and involving stakeholders to approach wellbeing from a holistic perspective. This is why we have psychoanalytic training in psychotherapy, often involve the family and/or schools in treatment, and recently formed Sentiero Wellness.

Our team currently includes various schools of thought within psychology from school and clinical psychology to cognitive behavioral and psychoanalytically-oriented psychologists. Additionally, we are comprised of clinicians with various levels of education and we take pride in training students who are the next generation of psychologists. Our licensed psychologists lead the way and our pre- and post-doctoral students (i.e., Registered Psychological Associates via the California Board of Psychology) guide us with their fresh and current perspective on research and practice.

In alignment with our philosophy, we aim to provide services that are accessible, inviting, and seamlessly connected with auxiliary providers/treatments. We recognize growth, healing, and/or development takes a village of support, so we expanded to include holistic health practices via the Sentiero Wellness Team. We also prioritize connections in the community for efficiency in getting help outside of our office. To say the least, we are proud of what we have created in our team and our space. We have plans for continued growth of our group, as long as it does not come at the expense of our culture. We enjoy being at the office and working together to support our community. Many of our patients have been with us for years. Through the ups and downs of life, being on the journey of those who enter our space has been a profoundly meaningful and rewarding part of our lives. We, too, evolve and grow in these shared experiences. We are excited for the future and for those who will join us on the journey!