Psychotherapy across the lifespan from children as young as two and three to older adults in individual, play, group, and family modalities. Our areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, executive functioning, and disruptive disorders.


Psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessments are available to clarify a diagnosis, facilitate a deeper understanding of personality, assess for a learning disability, evaluate attention and executive functioning, and obtain accommodations for standardized testing. 

Residential Behavioral Services

In-home behavioral services are available to the children and families in our practice. This service includes a functional assessment of behavior and a behavior intervention plan developed collaboratively by the clinician and family. Weekly individual or family psychotherapy sessions, behavioral monitoring, in vivo modeling of interventions, and parent training encompass the treatment. Residential services are time-limited (up to 12 weeks), structured, aimed to augment an alternative form of treatment, and/or focused on reducing moderate to severe externalizing behaviors.


School-based advocacy services are available in order to support parents who have children with unique needs. Navigating school systems is challenging. We provide families with knowledge about federal and state laws related to educational disabilities and attend IEP/504 meetings to advocate for the needs of children.

Organizational and Business Consultations

Consultation services are available for small business’ seeking insight into strategies and methods that cultivate and strengthen group performance, resource management, and organizational dynamics.