Dr. Kierce’s passion for advocacy and supporting children with disruptive behavioral disorders has fueled a vision for a therapeutic school. Her deep appreciation for psychoanalytic thought, fierce advocacy for children who have been ostracized, gravitation toward Montessori principles, knowledge of development, and experiences in schools and private practice led to a natural amalgamation of this project. 

Aside from the outpatient clinic, our practice will include a small therapeutic school for children aged four to six with severe disruptive behavioral disorders. There is a significant and unfortunate gap in services for children. Struggles quickly snowball and become exacerbated. As time passes and the child grows, the process for healing becomes harder even with access to intervention.

By joining hands with parents, community stakeholders, educators, and mental health professionals at an early age, we will provide a triage of support to get these kiddos back on track. Children are our future, we must cherish and care for them. Dr. Kierce is proud that military families and single-parent homes will have first priority for admission. Stayed tuned for exciting details as the journey unveils!