Executive Assistant

Elissa Greenberg, B.S. is an Executive Assistant at Sentiero. She plays a pivotal role in supporting patient care, assisting clinicians with daily responsibilities, and managing administrative aspects that keep the practice running smoothly. She earned a bachelor degree in psychology from Georgia Southern University. Upon completing college, she worked as a clinical assistant in an inpatient psychiatric hospital, which provided her with invaluable sensitivity for those who have struggled with psychological, neurological, and substance abuse issues.

Ms. Greenberg also has several years of experience working as an Executive Assistant. Over the years, she developed a skillset in providing support to executives overseeing marketing, operational, and financial aspects of healthcare and academic organizations. Nevertheless, her passion for mental health never wavered and she has had the desire to continue her career and education in the field of psychology.

Personally, Ms. Greenberg was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to San Diego in October 2021 after falling in love with the scenery. Accompanied by her beloved German Shorthair Pointer, Jackson, she enjoys spending time outdoors, being at the beach, hiking, and attending live concerts and festivals. She has a never-ending love for music and a long list of desired places to travel.