The Shot Bar™ by Body Blu

We have partnered with Body Blu to bring The Shot Bar™ to Sentiero Wellness! We are excited to announce that Dr. Jordan Ridao, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, will provide B12 Shots via Body Blu at Sentiero Wellness (Downtown) on the first Thursday morning of each month beginning March 2, 2023.

Current patients and their families have access to this service. All patients can obtain their first shot at no charge. Additionally, Sentiero will provide complimentary B12 shots for patients with depression or combat trauma. Former and current Navy Seals who participate in Sentiero or Sentiero Wellness programming will also have access to B12 shots free of charge.

The Shot Bar™ menu

The Shot Bar™ Schedule at Sentiero Wellness


Thursday, March 2, 2023

07:00 to 10:00

Length of Appointment:
5 – 7 minutes per person

Sentiero Wellness Downtown
402 West Broadway, Suite 1925, San Diego, CA 92101

Dr. Jordan Riado, NMD from Body Blu

Cancellation Policy:
Call Ms. Elissa Greenberg, Sentiero Executive Assistant, at (619) 930-9060 with 24 hours advance notice; $30 fee without sufficient notice

Follow this link to book your appointment