At Sentiero, we believe that wellness does not occur within a vacuum. Our minds are impacted by our physical health and our physical health has implications for our mental health. When we encounter struggles, whether common or unexpected, large or small, we reevaluate our ways of living. We reflect on cultural and familial methods of healing, seek new ways of understanding, find comfort in our relationships, evaluate unhealthy habits, and hold ourselves accountable. 

While we understand that wellness can be comprised of many things, we have decided to focus on the mind-body relationship by offering various eastern medicine healing practices, holistic options for health, and physical training opportunities. These practices have had a strong, positive influence on our team. We also value physical fitness related to functional movement, which will give us the strength to continue doing the things we enjoy with those we love. We wanted the same for those we served. As a result, Sentiero Wellness was born. To book an appointment, please visit our services page.