Dr. Kierce Selected by Tory Burch Foundation to Attend 2022 Embrace Ambition Summit

Dr. Kierce was in New York this week after being selected by the Tory Burch Foundation to attend the Embrace Ambition Summit: Confronting Stereotypes & Creating New Norms for women entrepreneurs. She noted the experience to be one of her favorites both personally and professionally, and was intimately reminded of the beauty and power of diversity. She was also reminded of the amazing men, of all ethnicities and backgrounds, who support women’s equal rights. 

Dr. Kierce felt the entire was summit was unbelievably inspiring and enlightening and that all speakers and topics were phenomenal. Nevertheless, the bolded speakers were her most favorite. The session topics and video start times are below. Enjoy!

Click Here to Access the Summit Recording

Session I

Time: 00:25:00

Welcome by Tory Burch

Comedian Negin Farsad

The Economic State of Women

Women Entrepreneurs  

Session II

Time: 01:41:30

Welcome by President of Tory Burch Foundation

Dolores Huerta – Cofounded United Farm Workers of America w/ Cesar Chavez 

Ian Manuel – Survived 18 years of solitary confinement

Session III

Time: 03:03:10

Miscarriage & Women at Work

Bias in Medicine 

Stigma of Mental Illness

War in Ukraine

Paralympic Champion & Advocate

Advocating for Gun Control

Session IV

Time: 05:31:30

Neurodivergent Minds – Temple Grandin

Women & Work

Bias Against Asian Americans

Escaping the Talibans Rule

Session V

Time: 07:05:10

Evolution of Abortion Rights

Funding Women Entrepreneurs

Men Supporting Women

Transgender Children in America

Session VI

Time: 08:17:55

Role Models

Women & Science

Being a Professional Troublemaker (Dr. Kierce’s MOST favorite speaker!)

Icon: Billie Jean King (Interviewed by Tory Burch)