Sentiero COVID-19 Health & Safety Precautions

The following health and safety precautions are being implemented at Sentiero:

Negative COVID-19 rapid test within 72 hours of in-person appointment

Temperature screenings

Access to Telehealth appointments

Hand washing/hand sanitizer upon arrival

Disinfecting of high-touch surfaces

HEPA filters in all office locations

Masks required

Social distancing

Our patients recently completed a survey regarding recent updates to Sentiero’s health and safety protocols. Feedback from the survey was invaluable and incorporated into our decision-making process. Our protocols were noted by 14.7% of patients surveyed as unreasonable. Nevertheless, there was overwhelming support for in-person treatment (73% of patients surveyed) and that the implementation of such precautions brought 91% of our patients a sense of safety. Areas of improvement were as follows: (1) ensure all are wearing masks in the waiting area; (2) more notice prior to implementation of such protocols; (3) offer rapid testing options at the office; and (4) testing costs can be financially burdensome for some patients. As a result, we decided to offer testing in the office. Rapid (self-administered) tests arrived December 30, 2021 and are now available for $20 (cash/check) or $25 via credit card on file. Excitedly, the test results have been available within 5 minutes (10 minutes at the latest), which has reduced the demand for time. If any patient has a financial hardship and cannot afford rapid testing, please contact Dr. Kierce directly ( and she will work with you. Otherwise, we will give as much notice as possible regarding upcoming changes to the protocols and will ensure all are wearing masks in the waiting area (including the team). While our decisions might not appease all, we are always open and curious about the perspectives of everyone who comes into our office.

For more information, please visit the County of San Diego website for COVID-19 or click on the subsequent links provided.

Active Duty Military and Families

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