A Message from Dr. Kierce

We believe justice has been served with the verdict for Derek Chauvin. Our team has been personally and professionally affected by cultural and systematic discrimination. We stand for nothing else other than equality, acceptance, and curiosity regarding all human life. We will continue to fight for equality through education and advocacy. By disseminating research and knowledge and sharing our personal and professional experiences, we are aimed for transforming our world into a more loving, curious, and acceptable place for all humans.

We are humbled, inspired, saddened, and hopeful in our work and our daily lives. The first step is to listen. The second step is to create awareness that there is, indeed, a problem. This is not a blame-game for us. We are curious about the perspectives of all people and understand the brain-based behavioral responses to fear. We want to hear the community, especially those who do not believe systemic oppression exists. This is not a you or me problem, it is a we problem. As I often say, it takes a village.

Please read the following article paid for by ACLU San Diego and Imperial Counties highlighting the inequality of police stops among black and brown people. As you will read, black people and Pacific Islanders were stopped by San Diego Police 219% and 126% more than any other ethnic group, respectively.

ACLU-SDIC San Diego Police Score Card

For more information about the State of California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) which enabled the collection of data used in the ACLU-SDIC San Diego Police Score Card, please visit the following website: